Vendor Registration

We are still accepting non-food vendor registrations, through Nov. 9, at 5 pm. We can no longer accept food vendors. Over 60 merchandise vendors and 20 food vendors have registered and been accepted.

To register, just email Festival Director & The Rockwall News Owner/Publisher:

Please include your business name, all contact info, a description of your business, a photo of your booth or products you sell, plus what size vendor booth or food vendor booth space you need.

We will reply either the same or next day. If you don’t receive our reply by the next day, please email us again or call J.J. Smith, 214-317-1718.

There is no electricity at Smith Park so bring a quiet generator or other lighting equipment if you need it.

Water is available but from only one outdoor faucet. We will provide a hose and connectors so more than one vendor can obtain water at a time.

Merchandise vendors should set up Friday, 9 am-Noon. You can park in the Smith Park parking lot to unload your items. Then you should park in the west school parking lot.

Food vendors should set up Friday, from 1-4 pm. Waste containers will be provided and emptied Friday and Saturday nights.

Vendors can park temporarily in the Smith Park parking lot to unpack their booth tent and other items. After unpacking, vendors can park your vehicles in the May Vernon Elementary west parking lot or on the street in the subdivision to the west of Smith Park

We expect 10-20,000 people to attend the first annual Rockwall County Balloon Festival because balloon festivals almost always draw that many people…and more!

Fees Required

The fee for businesses to rent a 10′ x 11′ vendor booth space is $300 for both days. Non-profits can pay half-price. If the non-profit provides volunteers to help with our Festival, then there is no charge for booth space. For more info, please see: www.rockwallcountyballoonfestival/non-profits.

If your vehicle or equipment requires additional space, then you’ll just pay $150 for each additional 10′ x 11′ booth space needed. Table spaces (5′ x 5′) are $150, including both days.

All food vendors must pay 20% of their gross sales to the Festival within three days of the close of the Festival (Nov. 15). This helps us to develop a budget for next and future year festivals. We will use the honor system, just as many other successful balloon festivals do. If we suspect that anyone has not paid the correct amount, then we will simply not invite them back next year.

The City of Fate requires food vendors to obtain a $75 temporary food vendor permit by Nov. 3. Contact Annetta Nabors: or 972-771-4601, ext 101.

To Make Payment

Payment is due for your vendor or food vendor booth/truck when you register but you may have up to seven days to pay after you do. Don’t forget or you may lose your booth space! We can’t accept responsibility for reminding any vendor to pay, although we will try when needed.

You may either pay online – using the handy PayPal/credit card “Buy Now” button below – or by check.

If you pay online, be sure to include the 3% convenience fee. Just click on the button and you’ll be taken to “The Rockwall News Special Projects” page on PayPal.

Just figure out and then enter the correct fee without a dollar sign or cents. For example, if you’re renting one booth space, just enter 309, which includes the $300 rental fee and 3% convenience fee. Do not enter anything else in the other two boxes – only the number.

If you are a food vendor, for example, and need two 10′ x 11′ booths, the price is $300+$150 which totals $450, plus a $14 convenience fee. Just enter 454. You’ll then be taken to the PayPal page where you can log in to your PayPal or credit card account.

You may also send a check, without a convenience fee, made out to: The Rockwall News, 436 Yacht Club Dr. Suite F, Rockwall TX 75032.

For more info, contact Festival Director J.J. Smith: or 214-317-1718.


We will email you soon with the location of your booth and setup/takedown instructions.


Since this is a fundraising event and it costs so much to put on, there are no refunds if bad weather causes us to cancel any portion of our event.