Pilot Registration

Pilot registration for this year’s festival is now open. Pilots who are interested in participating in our event for the first time and meet the festival qualifications listed below, please send an email to: jj@rockwallcountyballoonfestival.com. Our Balloonmeister is Pat Harwell, who has over 30 years experience as a Balloonmeister and professional balloonist. 

Qualifications – Flying Events

To participate in this year’s Festival all persons acting as pilot-in-command must hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate with Lighter than Air Free Balloon Rating and a minimum of 75 hours of PIC in balloons. All hours will need to be noted on the application as requested or the application will be rejected. At check-in, you will also be required to sign a certificate acknowledging you meet Festival, insurance and FAA requirements. Each pilot must attend all pilot briefings. Each pilot must agree to fly at least one sponsor / media person during the festival.